Issue #32 – The Bond That Ties – Summer Camp

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The Bond That Ties
Summer Camp

Dear Counselor Yanky:

Welcome to what I am sure will be a fantastic summer! Rabbi Klein cannot do anything less than superb, even if he tries…

I would like to give you some pointers about Moishey, please:

  • Please control his food intake. He has gained a lot of weight this past year, which I am attributing to a new medication he is taking. However, his food should be monitored anyway, cuz otherwise he packs it in.
  • Please work out a schedule with Rabbi Klein, you, and Moishey as to how much time he can spend reading his picture magazines and how much time he can spend with his ears plugged up with musical earphones, tuned out from the world. He must be limited!
  • I sent fewer personal belongings this year because in the past a lot of it came back home untouched. However, if you feel that there is a shortage in anything, kindly let me know and I will send more to camp.
  • Please make sure Moishey brushes his teeth twice daily and rinses with mouthwash on Shabbos.
  • Best wishes for a gezunten and gevaldiga summer both b’gashmius and b’rochniyus, with progress in all areas.

Thank you for taking care of our son. Hashem will surely reward you in kind.

Kol tov,

Mrs. Sarah Sander
On behalf of my entire family


Moishey’s Camp Diary:
Monday: Oh my goodness! Look at the weather outside. It’s terrible. The lightning is so big and so bright, the rain made a lot noise and we are almost sure that we might be getting another mabul chas veshulem.
Wednesday: Today is Wednesday, the day that we remember that Shabbos is almost coming.
Shabbos (entered after Shabbos): I have a very nice compliment for all the waiters and the cook for all they did and all the guys loved it, especially the cholent that we had from the bean hunt.
Monday: Tonight is a serious night for all of us, which is very sad for us Yidden. We will not be listening to music because of the 3 Weeks, which could make us feel very unhappy.
Sunday: Oh, wow! Look at that – how beautiful that we broke out a umangis (Editor: humongous 🙂 Color War; it was fantastic and I chose to be on the team of Red, Boruch Hashem Kee Tov Kee L’oilam Chasdo.
Monday: Hashem Hashem My Father please answer me – when is Moshiach coming? The Red team wants Moshiach and we want the announcement should be that the team of Red should be the grand winner.
Tuesday: Oh yeh, we had a nice time in our full day trip and what a beautiful Kiddush Hashem the whole entire camp had made in that fun place. I was very proud and it was very geshmak.
Shabbos: This Shabbos is the Shabbos before the 9 days (Ed. Note: hand-drawn frown with tears running from eyes). We are so sad and we remember the Churban Beis Haikdash. Oy! What am I going to do (larger hand-drawn frown with more tears running all the way down the page). I am so sad (another crying frown).
Monday: Today is erev Tisha B’Av. The day is beginning just like the other days that are sad for Klal Yisroel, and today we will be having 3 seudos and right after that we are starting to fast.
Tuesday: Today is the day which Hashem told us to fast the whole day. We shall all learn from this fast a gevaldiga lesson that you should remember that if you want the Beis Hamikdash to be rebuilt you should always remember to love a friend just like yourself.
Wednesday: The Beis Hamikdash is still burning and Klal Yisroel is still suffering till after chatzos and no one should think about listening to music and swimming in the pool whatsoever until after chatzos, period!


Dearest Moishey!

How are you, my prince? I miss you a bunch and my heart aches to give you a hug, but I am happy knowing that you are in the best place on earth, Camp Chavivim!, under the best care on earth, Rabbi Klein and the whole crew of counselors, and in the best company, all your yeshiva chevra!!

We are up here in the country, enjoying the glorious weathers and Hashem’s beautiful mountains, grass and clean air.

I want to ask a favor of you – when you write letters to Tati and me, please mail some of them to our city address and some of them to our country address – that way I can also get to see them soon enough and even write back to you quickly!! I am looking forward to receiving a very detailed letter from you, telling us about all the awesome good times you are having.

I hope you are feeling well and that Dr. Fuhrer’s new medication is working well with you. If you have any pain in your esophagus, please tell Rabbi Klein to let me know and I will be in touch with the doctor. Of course, if you are eating franks three times a day and stuffing yourself with soda and ‘chazerei’ then there’s no medicine in the world that can make you feel better. You must be on a ‘smart’ diet and watch your stomach.

I am sending you some goodies, but please eat them wisely. You can choose the following per day: either 2 little cupcakes or one brownie bar – nothing more in the ‘nosh’ family per day. Remember your diet, Moishey? I can’t wait to change the number on the chart when you come home – I hope it will be a much lower number than when you left!

Please send my best to all the wonderful people you are spending your summer with and I hope you have a gevaldiga Shabbos iy’H. We are having a very ‘chushiva guest’ for this Shabbos iy’H – Babi Sander is coming to us to the country!! We are thrilled and hope to give her a great time.

I love you, Moishey – With many kisses…..