Issue #31 – Teen Scene

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Blimy Walzer – 11th grade


Dearest Past Self,


You were so innocent and young,

How could you have known,

With the years come maturity,

Oh, how you have grown.

When our Dear Shaia’la was born,

You thought the world had come to an end,

What you know now, you couldn’t know then,

It was just too much to comprehend!

A special brother with Down syndrome,

It tasted like lead in my throat,

I felt like I was drowning,

Trying hard to stay afloat.

6 years have already passed,

We have all come a long way,

My thoughts are so very different,

I’m a changed person today.

My dear brother has transformed us all,

He has taught us a thing or two,

His unconditional love and respect,

How to act towards another Jew.

So much love and happiness,

He lightens up everyone he’s around,

No judgment or grudges,

Only goodness and contentment can be found.

How could you have understood this all,

When you were just 11 years old,

Of course you reacted the way you did,

When the news you had been told.

I’m glad you have the maturity now,

To see what a treasure you’ve received,

Every day we learn to love him more,

6 years ago, this I could have never perceived!!