Issue #30 – Up Syndrome:

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Keen Vision

As soon as we settled ourselves into our car 8-year-old Shia’la asked for a snack. It was after a full lunch and he was told he couldn’t have any snack food. He wanted it really badly so he first tried, “I’m so hungry that it’s making my stomach hurt.” When that didn’t work, he resorted to, “My eyes are really hungry!”


Sweet Alternative

Eight-year-old Luzee was having his first post-Pesach ice cream and gleefully announced his bracha – ‘Baruch Ata…Al Achilas Ice Cream’


Stay Home!

Recently, my husband started to accompany Moishey on his Friday trip to our local supermarket where he shops his weekly reading material. The reason for my husband’s ‘tagging along’ is that Moishey shops limitlessly and the $70 weekly stipend we have given him, is usually exceeded with items that he was specifically instructed not to purchase. Hence, Tati’s joining and supervising the shopping spree. After several Fridays of this partnership, Moishey announced, “Tati, next week I need a vacation from you.”