Issue #23 – The ‘Peckel’

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The ‘Peckel’

Rechy Rosneboim

A ‘peckel’ to me Hashem did throw
And I thought that I had accepted it long ago
But the other day when I was put to trial
I realized that I was still in denial.

It was when to a Hachnosas Sefer Torah we were on our way
And at the corner of the street my son decided to stay
There on the bench he just wanted to sit
His mind was made up and nothing was going to change it.

At that moment it hit me
That we are not like a regular family
We are different than everyone
Because we have a special needs son.

This realization really hurt, I must say
Although I deal with bigger challenges each and every day
And even if so strong I try to be
There is always a sense of loss as you can see.

But even in a moment when it is hard
I know that Hashem is always on guard
And even when He gives me a test
I am sure that it is only the best.

And after a cry so cleansing and pure
I am now ready for sure
To face my life’s mission
And to continue with a smile is my decision.